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The Radio Ring Mount provides a quick and easy way to mount an RF Transmitter or ERT in a subsurface enclosure. Its unique design allows a water system to install all of their RF Transmitters or ERTs in a uniform location within thier meter pit enclosures. Its design minimizes damages caused by mowers, cold weather, traffic, and homeowners. The Radio Ring Mount can be easily removed from the enclosure during maintenance activities providing a clear access opening to the water meter. The Radio Ring Mount provides a quick, easy, low cost solution for mounting a RF Transmitter or ERT within a subsurface water meter enclosure.

• Quick and Easy to Install
• No Tools Required
• Long Lasting Plastic design
• Upper Platform Seal Prevents Against Freezing
• Easily Removed for Maintenance Activities
• Meter Register remains Visible
• Less Labor Time to Install
• No Need to Buy New Lids
• Minimizes Damages To RF Transmitters and ERTs
• No Hammering, Drilling, or Cutting Rebar/ PVC Pipe
• Produced using  Recycled Plastic
• Holds 2 RF Transmitters or ERTs

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